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I learned a long time back that simply giving a team new innovative technology is not going to ensure that the people will work together more effectively. They have to want to work together before the new technology can really help make a difference.

Think about it, just because you can download this innovative app doesn’t mean you will download it.

And even if someone puts it onto your mobile device for you, that doesn’t mean you’re going to use it.

You have to have a pretty good reason first, to compel you to take this action.

And that is why this app can help you and your team mates collaborate more effectively.

Only when you know why people want to work together can you choose the right tools to help them do so.

Don’t waste your time, money and energy on clever collaboration tools until after you know more about what makes you and your team mates tick as members of your team.

This FREE Coaching App Helps You Clarify, Confirm & Convey Your Teamworking Values

logoHere’s a FREE(*) teamworking app for you to download now  onto your mobile device.

With it, you can get clear on what’s most important to you as a member of any team you work with.

The app will also prompt you to reflect on what you can do to improve things.

Once you have reflected on these things, the app will produce a concise report you can share with your team mates, laying things out as clearly as you see them.

(*) this FREE offer is for a limited time, so download your copy of the app today!

Problems downloading or using the app? Want to gain first peek access to the iPhone version or the web versison? Contact:

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