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You may be reducing the market value of your company by improving your business processes

I came away from a very interesting business meeting in Belgium this week with some fresh personal reflections on risks related to “continuous improvement”. As you look back over your business career, you will probably be able to pin-point times when you developed a certain finesse for doing something more effectively than you did previously. You may have

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Feedback for My Local Surgery

While my local surgery has a feedback/comment/complaint page on its website,  it does not allow for well-formatted text and it does not allow for email or uploading of letters. So I have posted my feedback here and submitted a link to it on their feedback page so that they can find this feedback... After registering

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Some tips for developing eLearning

I am the happy beneficiary of insights gleaned from having developed 100's of hours of eLearning materials over the years that have been pro-actively sought after by more than 40,000 learners world-wide. While the content of these modules are strictly confidential, the precious insights I have gleaned from developing them over the years is free

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Grumbles into Gold

Prompted by an old friend seeking insights on blogging today, the following thoughts emerged... My first attempt at blogging was before "Blogging" was a word, during virtual team working days. This was back in the early nineties. As a leader of an early virtual team, I felt that I needed a way to let everyone

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Psychometric Testing? Well……

Psychometric Testing? Well...... I looked up one day to see a team of people crowding into the doorway to my office, hoping to distract me from my paperwork and seek my help. They wanted to know if I could arrange for psychometric testing to be done on all the members of their team. They wanted

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Being Inclusive Amidst Cognitive Diversity

Here's an example (at Board Room level) of being inclusive amidst cognitive diversity.... It's springtime in Scotland, early 1990's. The dark cold indoor winter days have opened up into warm daylight hours with flowers blooming in the parks, birds twittering in the trees and people strolling through the meandering walkways feeling and smelling the promise

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Presenting to Large Audiences

I'm reviewing my recent "performance" on to help others that I work with learn what they might want to do or to NOT do, when speaking to large audiences. It was a room full of librarians, in my!

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How to Leverage Live Training

A legal team has asked me to help them digitaly leverage an aspect of their live training programme. How? Check: These days, it's so very easy to get this type of work done without all the overhead of just a few years ago... Hurray!

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Feedback from Facilitating

I've been meaning to post some fo the feedback from the group work I do....   “Good work all round”   “Structure of planned day still made sense even in light of the morning’s revelations”   “A sign of a well-thought-out day”   “A lot of good planning with the appropriate style of day for the department”  

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20 Lessons for Third Sector Facilitators

1. The overall objective for a Directorate's "Away Day" is of primary importance - yet this must be separated from the initially imagined process design for achieving it. 2. The person holding the overall objective (e.g. the Director) may well not be the best-placed person to design the day, though their ideas will help the

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enhancing the usage of eLearning

A member of a Learning & Development team in a large consultancy was planning to "enhance the usage of their e-learning portal and bring in more awareness about this mode of learning". He was looking for "material on enhancing an online training mode, and any mailer/ initiative that could help make this a success".  

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Corporate Carnival events

I am generally so busy (working hard) running my three micro-organisations that I don't give myself much space to enjoy the food, music and cultural developments of my own family's background (let alone others' backgrounds)   So I have generally been intellectually bemused (at best) by the notion that 'celebrations' of cultural heritage / difference would

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Why I decided to blog

I've hesitated with blogging as it seemed like it would feel like a burden to have to keep writing. My writing only comes in spurts. But then, talking with my daughter, I realised that if I didn't have at least one sharable insight each week, I was in trouble! My working ethos has been to

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