I’ve been meaning to post some fo the feedback from the group work I do….


“Good work all round”


“Structure of planned day still made sense even in light of the morning’s revelations”


“A sign of a well-thought-out day”


“A lot of good planning with the appropriate style of day for the department”


“I appreciated time given to let certain areas expand even if they were outside scope of the day”


“We talked about frustrations regarding wider organisation but not sure we fully explored possible tensions between teams and individuals but maybe we’ve created something to build on”


“Discussion in threes helped generate insights. It helped provide comfortable safe environment to discuss difficult issues”


“Very positive and very well facilitated. Also unexpectedly cathartic”


“Really positive day”


“Enjoyed the frank session in the morning where we could all talk openly about issues over the last year”


“Follow up on what ideas arose from today’s away day”


“I liked the way the trainer allowed the group to divert from the agenda set and talk openly about really important issues”


“Discussion before lunch was very illuminating and helpful”


“Hope that the issues raised can be taken forward and not just left”


“Glad not to repeat the 3 minute session in the pm – wasn’t looking forward to it”


“Good issues but still very little that was concrete”


“Domination of group discussion by people in front of room”


“Being able to go off the printed agenda to explore an issue that was relevant and had caused some concern to the team and having time allowed to do this without hurrying back to the agenda”


“Useful and enjoyable day”


“I felt we are more comfortable as a team now”


“Able to speak openly and understand everyone’s roles and ways of working together. The only other thing I wanted was decisions and plans for definite follow up. So we’ll have to plan some meetings…”


 “The opportunity to openly discuss issues we all have in a constructive and supportive way was very positive”


“Really good to move around and discuss things in small groups with people we would not normally discuss these things with”


“The whole day felt very unifying”


“Open, frank discussion worked very well and I feel we should have these discussions on a regular basis”


“Good day to get to know all members of the directorate and appreciate some the otherwise unknown aspects of their jobs”


“I enjoyed the larger group discussions and hearing about what obstacles they had to overcome and ideas they had”


“I would be happy for the day to run to 5 pm to squeeze even more in”


“More opportunity to discuss cross team work”


“Suggestions made to group as one thing they can take away from the day”


“Really good content and ways of working together”


“Opportunity to work with different teams and to share ideas”


“People have a lot of insight and creativity”


“Opportunity to be honest in a safe environment”


“Opportunity to hear others’ points of view”


“An empowering day”


“Amazing conclusive working environment”


“Location, food , ambience was great”


“Drifted at times but some key successful outcomes”


“Renewed sense of possibilities going forward”


“Smile face with big hug”


“Felt really good that everyone was open and honest and was able to express thoughts and feelings that needed to have come out a long time ago”


“Felt much more part of the direct and feel confident that I’m working with dedicated and talented individuals”


“Made good progress on future direction of directorate”


“Less jargon in the workbooks please (I didn’t understand all the terminology)”


“good opportunity to come together to share opinions and ideas”