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Presenting to Large Audiences

I'm reviewing my recent "performance" on to help others that I work with learn what they might want to do or to NOT do, when speaking to large audiences. It was a room full of librarians, in my!

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How to Leverage Live Training

A legal team has asked me to help them digitaly leverage an aspect of their live training programme. How? Check: These days, it's so very easy to get this type of work done without all the overhead of just a few years ago... Hurray!

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Feedback from Facilitating

I've been meaning to post some fo the feedback from the group work I do....   “Good work all round”   “Structure of planned day still made sense even in light of the morning’s revelations”   “A sign of a well-thought-out day”   “A lot of good planning with the appropriate style of day for the department”  

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